Blog The Effective Yet Simple Air Conditioning Cleaner

The Effective Yet Simple Air Conditioning Cleaner

Effective And Simple AC Cleaner

It is very important to clean the Air Conditioner (AC) to maintain good air quality in the room. The most frequently soiled component is the Air Conditioner (AC) filter, which is designed to catch dust, other pollutants such as pollen and bacteria. If not cleaned regularly it can clog and collect moisture, accumulate mold, and make it difficult for the Air Conditioning (AC) function to move air, as well as get cold or hot.

The function and lifespan of the Air Conditioner (AC) can be maximized by paying attention to how to care for and maintain the indoor and outdoor Air Conditioning (AC) units every 3 – 4 months, ideally routinely washing the filter and the cover Air Conditioner (AC) once every 1 month, depending on usage too. How to know when to clean the Air Conditioner (AC), the first is that dirt can be seen in the cover of the Air Conditioner (AC). If there are black dots, it's a sign of mold or mildew in the air conditioner. Secondly, you can see water dripping from the Air Conditioner (AC) indicating a dirty AC filter preventing air from passing properly as a result of which water can drip from the AC.

Air Conditioner (AC) cleaning can be done conventionally or by using AC service services which are currently widely available.

Some tips that can be applied when cleaning your own Air Conditioner (AC) at home:

  1. Open the AC Cover
    Before starting cleaning, it is mandatory to turn off the air conditioner by removing all power supplies. Slowly and carefully, open the AC cover using a screwdriver. Clean with a damp cloth containing AC Cleaner liquid, to clean stubborn dust and mold.
  2. Clean the AC filter
    When the AC cover is open, you will see the AC filter. Be sure to check if there is any damage to the AC filter section, if it looks torn, throw it away immediately and replace it with a new filter. The filter can be cleaned from accumulated dust by removing the filter from the air conditioner, then soaking it. When soaking the filter, you should use a special AC Cleaner to kill mold, bacteria nesting in the filter. After soaking for a while and rubbing the AC filter softly so as not to damage. Then dried the AC filter.
  3. Clean the other inside of the air conditioner
    Use a dry cloth to clean the air conditioner evaporator grille and other parts from dust and dirt.
  4. Replace the AC filter and AC cover again
    Make sure the filter is completely clean and dry before installing it to prevent the AC filter area from becoming a breeding ground for mold.

Thorough cleaning maintenance of indoor and outdoor Air Conditioning (AC) units, preferably cleaned by professionals to make it safer.

This cleaning process is of course inseparable from using AC Cleaner products specifically formulated for HVAC system cleaning applications. AC Cleaner is a special cleaner that is commonly used when cleaning AC filters, aluminum insulation in cooling systems, cleaning air vents or evaporator grilles, so that it can remove dust, germs, mold and bacteria in the HVAC system.

Gelair Air Treatment has been proven as a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE AC Cleaner product for cleaning HVAC systems. The Gelair formulation uses Tea Tree Essential Oil which has been tested to have ANTIBACTERIAL activity including against Golden Staph bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) for strains that are resistant to Methicilin (MRSA), and Legionella bacteria, as well as ANTIVIRUS and ANTIFUNGUS.

Gelair solution samples were tested with TÜV SÜD PSB for bactericidal and fungicidal activity according to standard BS:EN 1040:200.

Effectivity of Gelair

Gelair product application as an AC Cleaner:

  1. Gelair Coil & Duct Solution which is a special cleaning liquid product for Air Conditioners (AC), to clean visible dirt, dust, mold.
  2. Gelair Block which is a solid gel that is placed in the Air Conditioner (AC) system. After the air conditioner is cleaned, the Gelair Block releases a specific concentration of Tea Tree Oil vapor against viruses and bacteria that are invisible to the entire room.

Prevent mold from coming back with Gelair Air Treatment AC Cleaner!