You can find answers for the questions which are frequently asked about Gelair products here. You can use these questions to determine using Gelair in your place.
Gelair Air-Conditioning Blocks are biodegradable gels which contains Tea Tree Oil. The Tea Tree Oil will evaporate into the air to control mold and bacteria within AHU (Air Handling Unit), channels or room that have AC. Gelair is made out of mixture of Tea Tree Oil and other cleaning agent, which is highly recommended to clean cooling coil inside AHU, channels or other surfaces where virus, mold and bacteria might contaminate.
Moisture accumulation inside AHU is unavoidable with humidity and condensation issue. Humidity is a perfect factor for virus, mold and bacteria to grow, especially when they can grow in areas where it is hard to reach / clean. This is why Gelair is very important to kill virus, mold and bacteria in a hard-to-reach places.
Gelair releases Tea Tree Oil fumes into the air when air current from AC touches the surface of Gelair. Gelair will directly kill hazardous micro-organism that comes in contact with Tea Tree Oil's fumes by breaking the micro-organism cell's membrane and destroy it.
Gelair currently have 4 product variants which can be differentiate by its size. Gelair product variants are Gelair AB 0.5 (0.5kg), Gelair AB 1 (1kg), Gelair AB 2 (2kg) and Gelair AB 4 (4kg).
Gelair product have 4 sizes (see above point), hence the use of each Gelair variants is based on the size of room that would be treated with Gelair. See the room sizes for each of Gelair products.
Gelair releases Tea Tree Oil fumes bit by bit into the air, therefore Gelair will not affect your health. However, we strongly suggest to keep Gelair out of the reach of children, because the chemical of Gelair is toxic when swallowed.