Blog Keeping the HVAC System Clean Supports Health

Keeping the HVAC System Clean Supports Health

Keeping HVAC Clean

Air Conditioner (AC) is one of the electronic equipment that has the function of regulating the temperature of a room, adjusting humidity and regulating cleanliness and air quality. This temperature setting generally functions to make the room cool, so that the room feels comfortable. But it turns out that the AC can also function as a room heater when needed.

The use of AC contribute for around 20% of the total energy consumed in households in Indonesia. This is very reasonable considering that Indonesia is a tropical country with hot air. Apart from being a solution to cool the room, AC can also be used to support health, namely:

  1. Avoid dehydration.

    Dehydration is caused by excessive heat, then when you sweat, your body fluids will decrease. The use of this air conditioner will reduce the risk of getting dehydrated because the air conditioner removes heat as a cause of sweat.

  2. Overcoming heatstroke.

    When experiencing heatstroke, the body will feel very hot, and even feel like fainting because the body is exposed to hot temperatures for a long time. In this condition, air conditioning can be a solution to help reduce body temperature. By utilizing the cold air of the air conditioner, body temperature will return to normal faster.

  3. Overcoming sleep disorders.

    The use of air conditioning can help improve sleep quality, especially for those who often experience sleep disturbances. However, use the air conditioner wisely. Do not use too low a temperature and make the room very cold. Because, it will actually make you often wake up because of the cold.

  4. Prevent respiratory disorders, asthma and allergies.

    Another benefit of air conditioning is that it reduces the risk of respiratory problems, asthma and allergies, especially if you live in an area that is dusty, humid and with high levels of pollution. This is because the air conditioner is equipped with an air filter to filter out pollution and bacteria.

  5. Keep the room temperature for the baby.

    Newborn babies cannot adjust their body temperature properly. Air conditioning functions to keep the baby's body temperature stable, make sleep more comfortable, and reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, dehydration, skin rashes, and heatstroke.

  6. Increase productivity.

    Hot conditions cause a person to get tired and stressed quickly, so he can't think clearly. Conversely, a cool room provides comfort, so that a person will tend to work or do activities with a comfortable heart and mind.

  7. Reducing the risk of heart disease.

    In a study conducted, it was revealed that the use of air conditioning can actually be beneficial for reducing the risk of heart disease complications. This is because the use of air conditioning will affect the cleanliness of the air and excessive heat. If someone lives in an area with high humidity, coupled with hot temperatures during the day. This condition reduces breath quality, causes stress on the heart and cardiovascular function, thereby increasing heart risk.

Seeing so many benefits of air conditioning that can support health, it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the HVAC system regularly. The cleanliness of the HVAC system affects indoor air quality, thereby preventing the arrival of a disease that can spread through the air.

How do you keep your AC clean?

  1. Clean the air filter and other components.

    Over time inside the air conditioner various types of microbes, fungi and bacteria can nest as well as dust, dirt, which locks the air conditioner air filter, which can cause various allergies and diseases. This filter component is also very important in supporting the performance of the air conditioner and keeping air circulation smooth. If the AC air filter and other components are dirty, it is very likely that air circulation will be hampered, the AC performance will decrease, and there is a risk of causing illness due to dirt accumulation.

  2. Using the right cleaning products.

    If you routinely do HVAC cleaning using only water, the microbes will only appear again in a short time. Use cleaning products that contain ingredients that not only clean but can prevent the growth of mold, bacteria and microbes found in the HVAC system.

Gelair Coil and Duct Cleaner is specifically designed for use in HVAC systems to clean and sterilize air conditioning coils and ducts. Gelair Coil and Duct Cleaner kills mold and bacteria and is specially formulated to stick to surfaces to ensure longer effective action on hard to reach surfaces.

Combined with the Gelair Block which is placed on the HVAC system, thus providing overall CLEAN and FRESH air quality throughout the room.

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Your health is a priority. Stay healthy with GELAIR !