Your Health is a PRIORITY!

GELAIR Technology applies the HEALTHY LIFE principle which provides the benefits of Tea Tree Oil to all of its products, EFFECTIVE against VIRUSES, BACTERIA and MOLD in the air so that the air we breathe is CLEAN and FRESH. Gelair is a product for air treatment, AC cleaner and multi-purpose cleaner, improving indoor air quality.

The application of Gelair products can reach all over the room and provide extraordinary effects against MOLD, BACTERIA and VIRUSES. With a range of products available, GELAIR is the SOLUTION to improve your indoor air quality.

For information on applications for using Gelair products, you can download them here.

Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil is a natural essential oil that is distilled from the Melaleuca alternifolia plantation. The therapeutic properties of Melaleuca alternifolia have been recognized by indigenous Australians. Identified as an antiseptic by the chief chemist of New South Wales in 1920. And in several decades, through quite a lot of research, mostly conducted by the Tea Tree Oil Research Group at The University of Western Australia, it has been revealed that Tea Tree Oil is effective as ANTI BACTERIA, ANTI FUNGUS, ANTI VIRUS and ANTI INFLAMMATION.

Australian Tea Tree Oil has also been proven effective in controlling Golden Staph (Staphylococcus aureus) for strains that are resistant to Methicillin (MRSA) and Vancomycin (VRSA), has antiviral activity against influenza virus subtype H1N1.

Gelair Air Treatment uses Tea Tree Oil Essential which has been scientifically studied to determine its effectiveness and benefits for humans. The research results documents can be studied further to add references for customers. Find and download the documents and research here and get the benefits of Gelair to improve air quality in your place.