Blog GELAIR Cleans Living Microorganisms In Your Indoor Room

GELAIR Cleans Living Microorganisms In Your Indoor Room

GELAIR Cleans Living Microorganisms In Your Indoor Room

Indoor air quality is affected by all living things in it. All microorganisms living within an indoor environment, and their by-products, are known collectively as the indoor microbiome.

The indoor microbiome is a complex community consisting of all living microorganisms found in an indoor environment and their fragments and by-products. The microbiome that surrounds us is diverse and dynamic. It consists of bacteria, viruses, fungi/mold and other single-celled organisms. These microorganisms can be growing or dormant, and can be present in different life stages, such as spores or growing cells. The indoor microbiome also includes inanimate matter such as fragments of microorganisms or materials and chemicals produced by microorganisms.

Most of the microorganisms in the room come from humans, pets, pests, air, water and areas of active microbial growth in the room. Once they settle on surfaces, microorganisms can re-enter the air through resuspension, which stirs up settled dust or dirt. This occurs when people and pets move around the house or engage in activities. Several building features and conditions can affect the growth of microorganisms and their resuspension in the room, such as building materials, temperature and humidity, condensation or water leakage, and airflow patterns. How microorganisms move with the air indoors can be affected by heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, window and door openings, and fan usage, among other factors.

Some actions that can be taken to maintain a healthy indoor environment in general include:

  1. Humidity control, including humidity, condensation and water leakage.
  2. Immediately dry the wet area and keep the area that should be dry, dry it.
  3. Clean any visible mold.
  4. Clean surfaces regularly, including floors, walls, fixtures and furniture.
  5. Using a mat at the outside door and removing shoes when entering the house can reduce dirt and other contaminants entering from the outside.
  6. Ventilation, such as opening windows to let in outside air, can help lower the concentration of indoor air pollutants in your home.
  7. Check HVAC system regularly and update filters if possible.

GELAIR has been proven as a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE room cleaning product (Cleaning Solution, Air Treatment & AC Cleaner). Gelair product formulation uses Tea Tree Essential Oil which has been tested to have ANTIBACTERIAL activity including against Golden Staph bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) for strains that are resistant to Methicilin (MRSA), and Legionella bacteria, as well as ANTIVIRUS and ANTIFUNGAL.

Gelair product application as a room cleaner:

  1. Gelair All Purpose is a multipurpose cleaner (Cleaning Solution) that functions to kill BACTERIA, VIRUSES and prevent the growth of MOLD/FUNGUS on the surface of objects, for example on tables, door knobs, floors, etc.
  2. Gelair Coil & Duct Solution is a special cleaning liquid product for Air Conditioners (AC Cleaner), to clean visible dirt, dust, mold.
  3. Gelair Block is a solid gel that is placed in the Air Conditioner (Air Treatment) system. After the air conditioner is cleaned, the Gelair Block releases a specific concentration of Tea Tree Oil vapor against viruses, bacteria, invisible microorganisms that reach all over the room.

Gelair products are designed as SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS without the need for special equipment for installation, maintenance, and energy costs.

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