Gelair is a gel-like product that works to fight virus, bacteria and molds in the air so that inhaled air is clean and fresh. Gelair is an air treatment product that is tasked to clean the air and also increase air quality.

Gelair has helped deliver the best solution to kill mold, bacteria and viruses piling up in buildings for almost 20 years and uses only the best pure Tea Tree Oil from Australia as its main ingredients for all of Gelair products. Tea Tree Oil used for Gelair products are only those that are already distilled and quality controller so only the finest Tea Tree Oil is used for Gelair products. Australia Tea Tree Oil contains agent which can fight many bacteria (including Legionella bacteria), mold and virus' variants.

Gelair products can be used anywhere to increase air quality inside a room. Implement technology within each Gelair product ensures that the effect of Gelair products are spreaded thoroughly within a room even to places that usualy are hard to reach.

Gelair products are also very easy to install and replace. Just put Gelair products within the AHU system or any place that have a lot of airflow into the room (such as in front of AC, fan, or inside air ventilation) and you are pretty much finished installing Gelair. If existing Gelair is no longer effective, then you can replace them by throwing out the old Gelair products and replacing them with the new one. Installation process nor Gelair product replacement process takes no longer than 5 minutes.


Gelair acts to fights mold, bacteria and viruses which are contained in the air by releasing Tea Tree Oil as the primary ingredients of Gelair into the air. Releasing Tea Tree Oil particles into the air works to kill mold, bacteria and virus particles that are in contact with Tea Tree Oil particles.

Here are some of the benefits that are offered by using Gelair products.

All Gelair products uses the best pure Tea Tree Oil from Australia which have gone through distillation and quality control processes. Australia Tea Tree Oil contains substance that are proven effective in fighting mold, bacteria and virus particles.

Safety and efficacy of Tea Tree Oil has been studied world-wide.

Gelair technology ensures that Gelair effect is felt in the entire room, even to the smallest corner of the room which is usualy hard to reach by occupants and accumulates mold, bacteria and viruses.

Released Tea Tree Oil particles in the air by Gelair products will fight and kill bacteria, mold and viruses it encounters. Gelair products are proven to be able to kill bacteria such as Legionella and also stops the replication of viruses such as HSV and H1N1. As a bonus, Gelair product give a fresh scent when inhaled by occupants.

Gelair products are designed so that using Gelair became easy and fast. Install nor replacement of Gelair products takes no longer than 5 minutes and can also be done by anyone*.

*Gelair products are not to be swalloed. Keep out of reach from children.