Blog Watchout! Impact of El Nino on Air Quality and Health

Watchout! Impact of El Nino on Air Quality and Health

Watchout! Impact of El Nino on Air Quality and Health

El Nino is a phenomenon of warming sea levels in the Pacific Ocean which has an impact on decreasing global rainfall, including in Indonesia. According to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the peak of the dry season in Indonesia is expected to occur in August – September 2023. The peak of El Nino is predicted to occur in October – November 2023.

The El Nino phenomenon this year causes a longer dry season which can worsen air quality conditions. When there is no rain, many pollutants circulate in the atmosphere. Moreover, the impact of the long dry season increases the risk of land and forest fires, many fields are burned so there is a lot of smoke floating around.

High pollution has a very bad impact on health, especially in vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, and individuals with a weak health history resulting in ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection), the most serious risk of heart disease and stroke.

In dealing with this problem, one of the easiest preventive steps to take is to keep Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) clean and healthy from outdoor pollution, especially smoke from land fires. The use of Air Conditioning (AC) plays a very important role as a tool to regulate indoor air temperature which provides comfort when doing indoor activities.

Gelair improves indoor air quality through HVAC systems

  1. Inhibits fungal growth (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial)
  2. Kills bacteria (including Legionella Pneumophila which causes Legionnaires' disease)
  3. Kills viruses (studies have shown Tea Tree Oil to be effective in inhibiting the H1N1 replication cycle)
  4. Improve indoor air quality (prevent Sick Building Syndrome)
  5. Easy to install and maintenance free
  6. Kills odor-causing bacteria (not just masks the odor)
  7. 100% natural
  8. No problem of bacterial resistance
  9. Maintain entire AC system and occupant zones
  10. Regular maintenance cycles without operational costs
  11. Regular maintenance cycles without operational costs

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