Blog Gelair Block Within Air Conditioning Unit Prevents Mold

Gelair Block Within Air Conditioning Unit Prevents Mold

Gelair Block Fights Mold

In tropical countries like Indonesia, humidity levels are generally relatively high. The rainy season is getting more frequent, causing the room to become damp and causing an unpleasant odor. In plain view, humid conditions in the room such as:

  • The walls of the house appear black spots, because they are not properly coated so that they can be impregnated with water
  • Leaking roof resulting in water leaks can create a damp point
  • Water vapor condenses on the window glass, creating a humid condition
  • The grout between the tiles is the place that is most often wet and damp
  • In the Air Conditioning (AC) system when condensation occurs or clogged pipes.

It is at this time that the molds multiplies rapidly. Mold growth begins when spores attach to a surface, can grow in 1-2 days, spreading black spots all over the surface, especially where it is most humid. Indoor mold causes wall discoloration, so the house becomes dull, triggering various problems in the aesthetics of the house, collectibles, accessories. Even worse, molds are bad for health. The molds releases 10 – 100 micron spores that contain mycotoxin, a toxin that the molds produces naturally.

To overcome humidity in the room, one of solution is to use Air Conditioning (AC) to regulate the temperature in the room. However, the Air Conditioning can produce its own moisture which has the potential for the growth of mold and bacteria if it is not maintained and cleaned regularly. By maintaining the HVAC system properly and efficiently, it will provide clean and healthy air quality in the room.

Gelair Block

Gelair Block is a patented system, using a specially formulated gel matrix that is placed in an Air Conditioning system, where it releases specific concentration Australian Tea Tree Oil vapour. Tea Tree Oil (a 100% natural essential oil) is a broad spectrum anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent against MOLD, BACTERIA and VIRUSES.

Gelair Air Treatment Improves Indoor Air Quality

  • Inhibits the growth of mold
  • Kills bacteria (including Legionella Pneumophila which is responsible for Legionnaires’disease)
  • Kills viruses (studies have shown Tea Tree Oil to be effective in inhibiting the replication cycle of H1N1).

How is Gelair Block Applied?

In a split AC system, the package is opened and placed on the top cover of the airflow Air Conditioning. In the application of HVAC ducting systems. Open up the packaging and place the Gelair Block in the AHU between the filter and the cooling coil. Gelair is supplied in a vacuum bag so some of the solution will be left in the packaging. This can simply be poured into the AHU and will help give an initial burst of Tea Tree Oil vapor into the system.

How To Install Gelair

Gelair is The Simplest to Install.

  • No training required to install the Gelair Block
  • No installation equipment required
  • No energy required to run the system.

How does Gelair Block compare to other treatment options ?

Treatment Option Air AHU & Condensate Tray Ducts Diffusers & Occupant Zone
UV Technology
Silver Ion Filters

Gelair is the best treatment option to manage the entire air-conditioning system. Not only does it treat the air passing through the system, it also treats the AHU, the ducts, and the diffusers.

Gelair Block comes in 4 sizes (0.5L, 1L, 2L and 4L) and the size required depends on the amount of air passing through the AHU. As a general rule of thumb, each Gelair Block should be replaced monthly and the size requirements are summarised in the table below.

Room Description
Gelair Block Sizes Room Description
AB 0.5 Small system or single bedroom AC
AB 1 Single hotel bedroom fan unit or small ship's cabin AHU
AB 2 Several large room AHU (for example a house)
AB 4 Large AHU for building with multiple rooms (for example 5-10 offices)
Reachable Area Size
Gelair Block Sizes Area Size m2 Area Size ft2
AB 0.5 30 300
AB 1 100 1000
AB 2 250 2500
AB 4 500 5000
AHU Airflow
Gelair Block Sizes Area Size m3/hour Area Size ft3/hour
AB 0.5 250 425
AB 1 500 850
AB 2 1000 1700
AB 4 2000 3500
AB 4 (2pcs) 4000 7000
Air Conditioning System Capacity
Gelair Block Sizes Cooling kW HP BTU/Hour (x1000)
AB 0.5 5.25 - 8.75 0.5 - 1.0 4.5 - 9.0
AB 1 8.75 - 12.25 1.0 - 1.5 9.0 - 13.5
AB 2 12.25 - 52.5 1.5 - 6.0 13.5 - 54
AB 4 52.5 - 70 5.0 - 8.0 45 - 72

Apart from using Gelair Block for air treatment which works to clean 24/7 indoors, Gelair products also have an AC cleaner variant.

Gelair Coil & Duct Solution in the form of a special cleaning solution (AC Cleaner) in Air Conditioning (AC) to clean dirt, dust, visible mold. The process of washing the air conditioner periodically uses only water, then in a short time the microbes will reappear. The anti-bacterial benefits of Gelair Coil & Duct Solution are an EFFECTIVE SOLUTION for cleaning cooling coils, condensate and other areas exposed to mold and bacteria in the HVAC system.

Gelair Air Treatment The Best Solution For Indoor Air Treatment.