Blog How Humidity In Your Rooms Can Cause Musty Odors

How Humidity In Your Rooms Can Cause Musty Odors

How Humidity In Your Rooms Can Cause Musty Odors

Every room sometimes has an unpleasant odor, even though the interior has been cleaned and maintained properly. But there is something different about the smell that lingers in the room, which is usually called a musty smell.

Common Causes of Musty Odors

If the room still feels stuffy, it may be caused by excessive humidity. When humidity is high, the HVAC system must work with high efficiency to control the humidity level in the room.

Sometimes an aging HVAC system, or a unit that was the wrong size to begin with, can't keep up with the level of humidity in the air. Even after replacing the filter, the unit continues to work but still cannot fight the humidity in the room.

Why is Humidity a Problem?

High humidity causes the growth of mold. While bright light can alleviate most mold problems, some ducts in HVAC systems are not exposed to natural sunlight and some areas of the room that have lots of dark nooks and crannies are where mold grows.

Common ailments associated with mold problems include itchy and sore throats, itchy eyes, headaches, nausea, and respiratory problems. Preventing the appearance of mold is something that must be taken seriously to ensure the good health of the occupants of the room.

How Can Mold Be Controlled?

By maintaining the HVAC system properly and efficiently, it will provide clean and healthy air quality in the room.

Gelair Block is a patented system, using a specially formulated gel matrix placed in the HVAC system, where Gelair releases a specific concentration of the highest quality Australian Tea Tree Oil vapor throughout the HVAC system. Tea Tree Oil (100% natural essential oil) is a broad spectrum anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent against MOLD, BACTERIA and VIRUSES.

Gelair Coil & Duct Solution is a special cleaning fluid (AC Cleaner) for Air Conditioning (AC) to clean dirt, dust, mold that is visible to the naked eye. The process of washing the AC regularly using only water, then in a short time the microbes will reappear. The anti-bacterial benefits of Gelair Coil & Duct Solution are an EFFECTIVE SOLUTION for cleaning cooling coils, condensate areas and other areas exposed to mold and bacteria in the HVAC system.

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