Blog Causes of Slime Air Conditioning And Solution Tips

Causes of Slime Air Conditioning And Solution Tips

Causes of Slime Air Conditioning And Solution Tips

What causes slimy Air Conditioning ?

  • Air humidity
    High humidity in the air can cause condensation in the Air Conditioner, which can lead to water buildup in the exhaust pipe. If the drain is clogged or not working properly, water can build up and cause a slimy discharge.
  • Dirt and dust
    Dust and dirt can stick to the Air Conditioning drain line and clog it. When the drain is blocked, water cannot flow freely, so it builds up and causes slimy fluid.
  • Bacteria and Mold
    If the AC system is not used regularly or not cleaned regularly, bacteria and mold can grow in it. These bacteria and mold can cause slimy discharge and an unpleasant odor.
  • Damage to the AC system
    Damage to the AC system such as a freon leak or problems with the evaporator can cause water to build up in the drain line. If the drain isn't working properly, water can build up and cause a slimy fluid.

It is important to prevent slimy Air Conditioning problems and keep the air quality clean and healthy. Here are some Tips:

  1. Clean the AC system regularly
    The air filter in the indoor AC functions to filter dust and blockages on the surface of the AC evaporator. If it is not cleaned regularly, the AC will not cool. So you need to clean the air filter once every 2 weeks or once a month depending on usage, to maintain the AC so that it works optimally. Overall cleaning of indoor and outdoor AC units is ideally every 3-4 months.
  2. Using special cleaning chemicals (AC Cleaner)
    The cleaning process certainly cannot be separated from the use of special AC Cleaner products which are formulated for HVAC system cleaning applications. AC Cleaner is a special cleaner that is usually used when cleaning AC filters, aluminum screens in cooling systems, cleaning air vents or evaporator grilles, so that it can remove dust, germs, mold and bacteria in HVAC systems.

Gelair Air Treatment has been proven to be an AC Cleaner product that is SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE in cleaning HVAC systems. The Gelair formulation uses Tea Tree Essential Oil which has been proven to have ANTIBACTERIAL activity including against Golden Staph bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) for strains that are resistant to Methicillin (MRSA), and Legionella bacteria, as well as ANTIVIRUS and ANTIFUNGAL.

Application of Gelair products as AC Cleaner:

  1. Gelair Coil & Duct Solution is a special cleaning fluid product for Air Conditioners (AC), to clean visible dirt, dust, mold.
  2. Gelair Block, which is a solid gel that is placed in the Air Conditioner (AC) system. After the AC is cleaned, Gelair Block releases a specific concentration of Tea Tree Oil vapor against invisible viruses and bacteria that reaches throughout the room.

Gelair products are designed as SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS without the need for special equipment for installation, maintenance and energy costs.

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