Blog Beware of Mold In The Room Due to Humid Air Environment

Beware of Mold In The Room Due to Humid Air Environment

Beware of Mold In The Room Due to Humid Air Environment

Air contains microorganisms, one of which is mold, which can determine Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). One of the causes of the presence of mold on the walls is mold spores that come from outside and are transported by dirty air into the room, then stick to the walls. After that, mold grows in especially damp areas indoors.

Apart from making the room look dirty and untidy, mold can also cause health problems for the room's occupants. Mycotoxins in mold can cause serious illness when immunity is reduced. Sneezing is a sign of the entry of microbes in the form of bacteria or mold through the nose, which in severe cases can result in respiratory tract infections. Other diseases commonly experienced due to moldy room walls include scabies, allergic reactions, ringworm, red and itchy eyes, and rashes and itching on the skin.

The cause of mold appearing indoors is constant humidity. Mold needs a damp area to grow and develop. Moisture in the air can seep into walls, floors, ceilings and furniture, creating prime areas for mold to grow.

Entering the continuous rainy season, results in damp weather in the environment around the room, creating potential humidity problems. Plus, there is little circulation in the room, because the ventilation system is not good. So the potential for mold growth and development is greater.

Tips for dealing with humidity in the room with this condition, you can use Air Conditioning (AC). However, you need to ensure that the Air Conditioning does not produce its own humidity by carrying out regular cleaning maintenance. The next tips is to control air humidity with anti-fungal cleaning products, to prevent the growth of mold.

Gelair provides a SOLUTION to overcome mold caused by indoor air humidity

Gelair Air Treatment product application :

  1. Gelair Coil & Duct Solution is a special cleaning fluid product for Air Conditioning (AC), to clean visible dirt, dust, mold.
  2. Gelair Block, which is a solid gel that is placed in the Air Conditioning (AC) system. Once the AC is cleaned, Gelair Block releases a specific concentration of Tea Tree Oil vapor (100% natural essential oil) is a broad spectrum anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent against MOLD, BACTERIA and VIRUSES.

Gelair products are designed as SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS without the need for special equipment for installation, maintenance and energy costs.

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