Blog Air Quality in Malls Can Affects Visitors Health Quality

Air Quality in Malls Can Affects Visitors Health Quality

Air Quality in Malls Can Affects Visitors Health Quality

Shopping centers (Malls) are social centers in big cities, places to spend time with family, friends and colleagues. A place for shopping, has various food courts that offer a variety of delicious food, places for recreation such as watching movies, children's play areas, and places for exhibition activities. The Financial Times reports that 40.9% of urban residents visit shopping malls at least once a week.

Indoor air quality has become a major health concern worldwide as outdoor air pollution levels increase, making the air indoors and in enclosed facilities more toxic. This is why it is important to know how air quality in malls affects the health and well-being of its visitors. An example of an environmental problem related to malls is indoor air pollution. Because malls are usually located close to main roads in urban areas, vehicle fumes, dust, carbon dioxide concentrations and several other pollutants affect the air quality in malls.

The use of air conditioning is very important for a mall, so that visitors who enter will immediately feel the comfort of the cold air in that location and will feel more at home walking around the mall. However, the air in public spaces is unconsciously shared by many people.

The risk will increase if the air-conditioned room is very crowded and poorly ventilated. Bacteria, viruses and fungi that are spread in the air will be inhaled and cause disease. Transmission of disease to humans occurs, for example, by blowing wind, water droplets, splashes from coughs or sneezes, conversations, and contact with the ground. In fact, infectious diseases such as measles, tuberculosis, chickenpox, influenza, and SARS have all been shown to spread through heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

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Visitor health and comfort is a priority. Stay healthy with GELAIR!

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