Blog AC Cleaner Gelair Prevents Mold Bacteria Viruses in HVAC Systems

AC Cleaner Gelair Prevents Mold Bacteria Viruses in HVAC Systems

AC Cleaner Gelair Prevents Mold Bacteria Viruses in HVAC Systems

Currently, the need for Air Conditioning (AC) is a basic need for buildings with a high scale of use such as industry, offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, apartments and small-scale buildings such as homes.

The reliability of the function of the air conditioner must be considered by means of maintenance or maintenance of the AC components every 3-4 months to maintain the function, age and health of the users. (Suminto et al., 2014).

Cleaning is one of the Air Conditioner (AC) treatments that should be done within a certain period to maintain its function. The AC cleaning process cannot separate from the use of cleaning fluid (AC Cleaner) as one of the main ingredients.

Gelair Coil & Duct Solution is a special cleaning fluid for Air Conditioner (AC Cleaner Solution). The main ingredient in Gelair Coil & Duct cleaning fluid (AC Cleaner) is Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil. In several decades, through quite a lot of research mostly conducted by the Tea Tree Oil Research Group at The University of Western Australia, it has been revealed that Tea Tree Oil is effective as ANTI BACTERIAL, ANTI FUNGAL, ANTI VIRUS and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. So that the AC components are not only clean from dirt, but last longer preventing the growth of mold & bacteria on AC components.

After gaining an understanding of the health benefits of Tea Tree Oil, the owner developed Gelair Block product which is a unique biodegradable gel containing Tea Tree Oil for placement in HVAC systems. When the HVAC system is operating normally, the evaporating gel releases Tea Tree Oil to treat the air and improve its quality.

Gelair Air Treatment provides SOLUTIONS to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), to comply with Permenaker No.5 of 2018.

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