Blog Transition Season Increases the Potential for Flu and Coughs

Transition Season Increases the Potential for Flu and Coughs

Transition Season Increases the Potential for Flu and Coughs

When changing seasons occur, such as the rainy season changing to summer and vice versa. Not a few people experience flu and coughs. This occurs because changes in temperature and humidity affect the immune system. Exposure to unstable temperatures weakens the body's immune system, making it easier for viruses to enter the body. So a series of symptoms appear such as colds, coughs and sore throats.

Changes in weather conditions due to changes increase a person's potential for catching colds and coughs. There are three main factors that cause this, namely:

1. Air dry
One virus that is very easy to grow and multiply is the influenza virus. Influenza viruses can spread widely when the air is cold and dry. When the air is dry, the mucus in the nose and throat becomes thicker and difficult to move, so erratic weather makes it easier for someone to catch a cold.

2. Colds
Although flu symptoms are not much different from cough and cold symptoms. This problem weakens the immune system. When someone has a cold, the virus will attack the upper respiratory tract and cause a blocked nose, sneezing and coughing.

3. Exposure to foreign substances
Exposure to foreign substances, such as air pollutants, cigarette smoke, or toxic chemicals can damage the immune system and weaken the body's defenses against flu-causing viruses.

Actions that can be taken as an effort to prevent flu and coughs are to maintain the body's immune system. By paying attention to personal hygiene, keeping the environment clean and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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  6. Kills odor-causing bacteria, not just covering up the smell
  7. 100% natural
  8. No bacterial resistance problem
  9. Maintain entire AC system and occupant zones
  10. Regular maintenance cycles without operational costs

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