Blog Preventing Influenza Virus In Offshore Rig And Ships Environment

Preventing Influenza Virus In Offshore Rig And Ships Environment

Prevent Influenza Virus With Gelair

When working in an offshore environment, rigs and vessels are watertight. This meant it was also airtight, allowing disease to spread easily among the crew. Influenza is a disease that can spread quickly. Direct contact with flu sufferers, such as shaking hands, hugging and chatting at close range (1.5 - 2 meters) is the most common way of transmitting influenza.

Viral infections can also move from one side of the room to the other quite intensely. Citing a study published in the Annals of The New York Academic of Sciences, the influenza virus can survive in the air for 1 hour. Being in a room with poor circulation with a person who is infected with the flu allows other people in the room to breathe air containing the virus and eventually makes that person infected too. Indoor air flow in offshore environments is highly dependent on the use of Air Conditioning (AC). So that the use of Air Conditioning (AC) is very influential in the spread of the influenza virus in the room.

The flu disease takes only a few days to recover with the right medication and the comfort of home is part of the recovery process. But what happens when you are in an offshore environment, working on an oil gas rig or on a ship?

Not only individual health is at risk, but the entire crew as well. This condition can have an impact on the performance of the offshore project, because infected workers can spread the disease to the entire crew. Common symptoms of the flu include: fever, stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, aching feeling in the joints causing every bone in the body to ache. If workers are bedridden, they cannot complete work and projects can potentially come to a halt.

Gelair Air Treatment provides a SOLUTION for prevention and inhibits the spread of the influenza virus indoors through maintenance of the HVAC system. Gelair product formulations use Australia's best pure Tea Tree Oil which has been proven to function as a natural antiseptic that can fight and prevent the spread of viruses, fight mold and bacteria.

Research has shown Tea Tree Oil to be effective in inhibiting the H1N1 replication cycle)

Gelair Block

The technology implemented in Gelair products ensures that the effect of Gelair products is against MOLD, BACTERIA and VIRUSES. Cleaning the Air Conditioning (AC Cleaner) and maintaining air quality (Air Treatment) after cleaning, the effect of Tea Tree Oil can be spread throughout the room even to places that are difficult to reach through the air distributed in the HVAC system.

Benefits of Gelair Air Treatment products:

  1. Kills mold
  2. Kills bacteria (including Legionella)
  3. Kills viruses (including HSV & inhibits the H1N1 replication cycle)
  4. Improve indoor air quality (e.g. for Green Mark assessment or to reduce sick building syndrome)
  5. Easy to install and maintenance free
  6. Killing odor-causing bacteria, not just covering up odors
  7. 100% natural
  8. No bacterial resistance problem
  9. Maintain entire air conditioning system and occupant zone
  10. Routine maintenance cycles without operating costs

Gelair Air Treatment can be applied in various locations in the room. To comply with Permenkes No.48 of 2016, Permenakertrans No.5 of 2018 concerning Indoor Air Quality.

Healthy Air Quality Improves Work Quality.

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